We hope you and your family are safe and healthy during this stressful world event. We are all a little uncertain and frightened, but we know we will all get through this together.

Because of the current travel restrictions and closed borders, we’ve had to postpone our early 2020 safaris. Our Egypt trip has been rescheduled for September and still has a few spots if you want to join us.  Our March and April Safaris have been postponed. All of our clients still want to go on safari with us when travel resumes, and we are happy that we can apply all funds to a future safari.

Some of our safaris still have seats from June onward, and you can still book.  We’ve started to publish our 2021 schedule, too. World events have cause a weakness in the Rand, and that means savings for you! If you are in a position to make plans for future travel, now is the time to book and pay–the Rand hovering around 18 to $1 USD, which is a 40% discount from February!  The Rand is typically between 10-14 to $1.  When we begin to get back to normal, you can bet the Rand will strengthen, and the opportunity for such a huge discount will be lost.

Why take advantage? The price of our South African Big 5 safaris won’t change other than normal yearly increases, and whether a Rand is worth 10 or 17 to $1, it doesn’t affect us, but it affects those with different currencies. It also helps the South African economy recover.  It supports the anti-poaching and wildlife conservation efforts because your money is invested in keeping our reserves up and running. It affects the employees who work at the Lodges, because it ensures they will have a job when the economy begins to recover.  It’s win-win–you get a discount, and you help others.

If we still can’t travel when your safari rolls around, we’ll apply 100% of your funds to a future safari of the same kind: to the same Lodge, or same international destination safari.

Have a look at our late 2020 safaris, and keep an eye on our 2021 trips. We’ll be adding more soon; if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, you should–we never spam you, we don’t share your email address, and you’ll be among the first to be notified about new safaris, like tigers in India, birds and spectacled bears (and Machu Picchu!) in Peru, lower-cost safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, and more! You can see our full calendar by clicking on https://www.eagleeyesafaris.com/full-at-a-glance-calendar  You’ll be able to see everything in one place.

Thanks for doing your part in stopping the spread of this virus, and let’s all hope that life will get back to normal soon. Stay safe, and wash your hands!

Ernest and Karen

Eagle Eye Safaris