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Meet Award-Winning Wildlife Photographers Ernest Porter and Karen Blackwood

Co-owners of Eagle Eye Safaris

Eagle Eye Safaris photographs have been published in Africa Geographic, National Geographic Daily Dozen, NatGeo Your Shot, Best of Africa, and Wild Card Magazine. Ernest and Karen are regular contributors to Canon, National Geographic Photography, NatureGraphy and Naturalist’s Notebook, which feature the best wildlife photos and stories in the world.

Ernest Porter

Ernest Porter is an award-winning bird and wildlife photographer from South Africa. He’s one of the best birds-in-flight photographers on the continent of Africa, and he’s happy to share his knowledge. Ernest is a staff photographer for the Black Eagle Project Roodekrans, based in Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he documents the juvenile development of Black Eagle fledglings at the Gardens. Ernest leads public and privately guided photo tours to the Gardens and up the hill to the overlook to ethically observe and photograph the Black Eagles’ nest and activities. You can go on a personally guided Black Eagles tour, by clicking HERE.

He is a sought-after speaker at birding clubs, photography clubs, and in the wildlife photography community. Ernest is an Expert-Level Instructor in Lightroom and Photoshop. You can sign up for live affordable online one-on-one Lightroom and Photoshop lessons with Ernest via Zoom or Skype.

Ernest is Canon-sponsored, and his photos have been published in numerous wildlife books, magazines, and guides including “Animals of the Greater Kruger.”

Ernest’s achievements include:


  • 2023 Finalist in Africa Geographic’s Photographer of the Year contest
  • 2023 Top 10 in the South Africa Photographer of the Year contest
  • 2022 Top 101 finalist in Africa Geographic’s Photographer of the Year contest
  • 2021 Highly Honored in Nature’s Best Photography Mkapa African Wildlife Photography Awards
  • 2017 Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year Top 5 finalist
  • 2015 & 2016 Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year Top 15 finalist
  • Winner of the July 2016 Tamron South Africa photography contest
  • Best of Africa featured photographer
  • Prominently featured in Yahoo’s “Animals in Flight” Photo Gallery
  • Multiple VotoArt wins.

Karen Blackwood

Karen Blackwood is a wildlife photographer, world traveler, and retired airline pilot. With over 30 years of teaching experience, she is able to break down the most complicated subjects into easily understood modules. She is a former volunteer as a Bald Eagle monitor for the Raptor Education Foundation in Colorado, coaches young equestrians in basic horsemanship, and has taught many people to be more effective in the use of their camera. She’s passionate about wildlife conservation, particularly rhino, and about the continent of Antarctica. She invites you to share the beauty of the natural world through her lens as she coaches you to take the best possible photographs.

Karen’s photos have been included in multiple showings in Colorado and Africa in galleries, hospitals, showcases and more. Her photos have been published in books, promotional videos and specialized publications.

Karen’s photography credits include:


  • 2023 WINNER in the Audubon Photography Awards Contest
  • 2023 Top 10 in the South Africa Photographer of the Year Contest
  • 2023 Finalist in the International Bird Photographer of the Year
  • 2022 Top 250 of the 2022 International Share the View Competition
  • 2022 Top 250 in the 2022 NANPA Showcase Competition
  • 2021 Top 20 and Top 5 Finalist in the Africa Photographer of the Year contest
  • 2021 Finalist Top 250 in the NANPA Showcase competition
  • 2020 Finalist Top 250 in the NANPA Showcase competition
  • 2016 NatGeo Daily Dozen
  • 2017 Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year Yearbook finalist
  • 2016 Honorable Mention in Nature’s Best Photography contest
  • Featured photographer and Finalist in Best of Africa’s monthly contests
  • Multiple photographic features in Naturalist’s Notebook and in NatureGraphy
  • 1st Honorable Mention in the Kodak National Photo Contest
  • Multiple winners in the Amigo Airshow Photo Contest

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