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How would you like to join award-winning wildlife photographers Ernest Porter and Karen Blackwood to see the Big 5 on an African Safari, tigers in India, birding in Peru, leopards in Sri Lanka, penguins in Antarctica and polar bears the Arctic.  How about Egypt and Jordan for culture and some wildlife? You will improve your photography skills with our guidance on all of our Photography Workshop trips.

Browse our quick-glance schedule to see the best time to go on safari and choose your adventure by dates, or click on “Safaris” in the header to select your destination by year. Color-coded so you can easily see Back-to-Back trips.

It’s a big world — let’s explore it together!



We’ll personally coach you as part of our Photography Workshop on every one of our Wildlife Photo Safaris.

What if you aren’t a photographer? What if you want to just want to immerse yourself while the others click away?  We welcome non-photographers, too. Here’s a secret – Photo Safari vehicles are always in the best spots with a clear view of the most active animals, so don’t hesitate to join us.  You want to come away with beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime memories, whether in print or in your mind’s eyedon’t you? Our personally guided small group photo safaris take you to the best places for wildlife photography during the best time to go on safari:  

South Africa –  Go to top luxury and traditional lodges in Sabi Sands and Manyaleti, part of the Greater Kruger. We can go off-road to get close-up photographs of rhino, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and lion — Africa’s Big 5. 

Kenya and Tanzania – The Great Migration of millions of wildebeest on the rolling Masai Mara plains and the vast Serengeti savannah are must-sees for wildlife photographers! July is the best time to go on safari. 

Uganda and Rwanda – Spend time with endangered species like Mountain Gorilla, Chimpanzee, and Golden Monkey by joining Eagle Eye Safaris on Wildlife Photo Safaris through the Pearl of Africa.  

Egypt and Jordan – Pharoahs, Pyramids, and Petra. On these two trips, we hit the highlights like the 4600-year-old Pyramids of Giza, Valley of the Kings, King Tut’s tomb, a Nile Cruise, the Dead Sea, and the Treasury at Petra, and then we offer so much more. Although these are primarily cultural and historical tours, we still consider them Wildlife Photo Safaris as we might see endangered Arabian Oryx, hyenas, shy sand cats, Nubian Ibex, foxes, jackals, and several species of gazelle.  Spring and fall are the best times to go on safari.

Antarctica – Can you say Penguins! Seals? Icebergs? Glaciers? Whales? Set sail with us on an Expedition cruise ship through the notorious Drake Passage on our way to the Antarctic Peninsula. It’s a 10-day Wildlife Photo Safari Workshop! We’ve picked the best time to go to Antarctica to see penguins, whales, seals and sea lions. This expedition includes intensive photography and editing workshops, plus adventure in the most beautiful place on the planet. Non-photographers will have plenty to do and see, so bring them along! By the way, did we mention that we are going to double-dog dare you to do a Polar Plunge? 

Peru  – Birding galore! We’ll explore Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu as we look for colorful endemic and rare birds – Andean Condors, Cock-of-the-Rock, Parakeets, Parrots, Trainbearers, Siskins, Grosbeaks, Tanagers, Hummingbirds and more. This Wildlife Photo Safari combines colorful Inca and Peruvian culture, ancient history, and birding for a mystical and educational experience. Additionally, we have add-on excursions up into the Andes to see Condors in their canyon habitat and to view the Painted Mountains of Peru at dawn.

India – It’s Tigers, Temples, and Taj Mahal as we journey through this this colorful and wonder-filled country. This trip tags with Sri Lanka for a well-rounded trek through two incredible countries. April is the best time to go to visit both countries. It’s not too hot for humans but warm enough that tigers head for pools of water.

Sri Lanka – Leopards, Asian Elephants, Blue and Sperm Whales and Buddhist Temples are on the itinerary in this special island country with fabulous wildlife reserves. There are so many wildlife and cultural photo opportunities in Sri Lanka, and if you can combine it with our Tiger Trek to India, you’ll spend two of the best weeks you’ve ever experienced!

Ask about Back-to-Back booking discounts on our Wildlife Photo Safaris. Easily see color-coded back-to-back safaris and the best time to go on safari HERE!

We teach our successful Wildlife Workflow editing process in Adobe Lightroom as part of Photoshop Workshops on most of our trips. Learn to edit your photos like a pro! Visit our Photo Gallery to see examples of our award-winning photos taken on our worldwide safaris.  You’ll get incredible photos like ours on Eagle Eye Safaris’ wildlife photo safaris.

We’ll teach you:

  • the fundamental functions of your camera
  • how to use each mode correctly
  • how to choose your own settings
  • photo composition
  • how to tell a unique story
  • how to continue improve your photography skills after the safari
  • how to edit using our Wildlife Workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop 

Everyone is welcome, from beginner to advanced, from Camera Phones to DSLR to mirrorless photographers. You can even rent a professional level camera and lens and play professional photographer–we will teach you how.

Who are “we” — Ernest and Karen — and why should you go with us on a Wildlife Photo Safari?  Check  our About Us page to learn more about the people with whom you are trusting your bucket list safari trip.

Don’t worry about how to get there because we can help you plan your trip. We know where to stay before and after your Wildlife Photo Safari, and what to do if you’d like to extend your stay. We’ve even got a free printable Safari Packing checklist and a collection of Travel Tips  for you; they’ll come in handy any time you are traveling. Leave on your trip with peace of mind.

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Updated May 2023

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